Renewable Energy

Qualified skilled workers focused on expanding the renewable energy sector

Wind sector

The number of graduates in courses related to the wind sector has been showing a significant growth such as in civil engineering courses (4.5% increase), electrical engineering (7.3% increase), control engineering and automation (40.6% increase) and electronics engineering (46.6% increase); essential professionals for the development of the country. 

Biofuel sector

Courses related to the biofuels area has also grown substantially. From 2001 to 2011, a total average of 175% growth and a yearly CAGR (compound annual growth area) of 87% were registered. More specific courses related to the subject were established throughout the years, such as Organic Chemistry, Sugar and Ethanol Technology. This growth represents increasing interest coming from students and companies to absorb the labor force. The workforce available has more than twice its size compared to ten years ago, having a total increase of 109% (considering the new courses) and a CAGR of 150%.