Information and Communication Technologies

An increasing High Quality workforce scenario for the ICT Market

In 2011, the Brazilian IT market employed about 1,2 million workers: 400,000 in IT companies and the remaining 800,000 in companies from other sectors. 

The number of post-graduate students has increased considerably in recent years, representing a rise in the high-skilled workforce available in the IT sector. 

Considering the availability of PhDs in Brazil, research areas such as computer science have a relevant number of doctors to support companies in these areas. In 2013 there were 2,852 PhDs specialized in computer science and microelectronics.

Initiatives to Increase Manpower Availability

Brazil’s government has created programs and measures to help train new employees specialized in the IT industry. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) has established directives to increase the specialized workforce and support the demand for research, development and innovation. 

A key program supporting IT workforce specialization is “TI Maior Program”, which has a goal to graduate 900,000 new professionals by 2022, with yearly investments of US$102.6 million. 

Another example of government initiatives include the increase of scholarships in different areas of expertise, through the Science without Borders Program. In the last three years (2012-2014) the program granted 4,855 scholarships on computing and information technology to undergraduate students and researchers. The Program also helps companies to pay foreign researchers to work in Brazilian companies, offering a monthly stipend of about US$7,000 and monthly housing allowance of about US$3,500.

As a result of all of these initiatives, the government expects to supply the market with the 2,1 million IT employees by 2022.